Who is Michael Tham?

Malaysia’s Online Entrepreneur providing website solution for Online Business and WebbLink Affiliate Marketing Platform, Internet Marketing consultation and training services.

History of Michael Tham Entrepreneurship

October 08th, 2014 - Best Living Beauty Web Portal Launching

Launching in October 2014, livingbeauty.my web portal mainly to promote beauty and skin care products provided by businesses such as beauty product manufacturer, beautiful places to relax with nature skin care treatment, food for beauty, life for beauty and any other that’s related to liang liang or sok (cantonese), cantik, means beauty in any other form of languages.

This is a beautiful place for people to share, view, find and read the most wonderful way to live a beautiful life and become beautiful. Also the most important point is! Why man and women needs to feel and be beautiful?

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January 15th, 2014 - Best Living Health Web Portal Launching

Launching in January 2014, livinghealth.com.my is a web portal mainly to promote and market natural health and supplement products.

This portal provide information of health maintainance, taking care of your daily nutritious and latest information of today healthy living lifestyle. At Best Living Health, we offer free consultation and advise for health concious people.

For businesses such as pharmacy, health food and drink manufacturer, importer and even any individual they can share their quality product or ingredient in our portal so that our visitors will have more choices and information in choosing their health supplies.

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1971 - Where life begin

Michael Tham was born in Seremban, Malaysia on 1971. Michael likes to do business and began my business life at the age 35 in IT business.

Currently work together with Webbpages to promote the online business software to our prospect customers and dealers.


My Skills

Entrepreneurship / 95%
Internet Marketing / 85%
Family / 96%
Cooking / 90%

Michael Tham

Feel free to call me if you need any further information about Internet Marketing such as Webbpages Online Business Platform and WebbLink Affiliate Network Marketing.

Michael Tham
+6016 301 3933
Selangor, Malaysia

The RM200Affiliate Ecommerce Website

Due to the cost of living keep on increasing, a lot of people keep on looking for more or side income and opportunity either by full time or part time.

To start a business require capital and also will face uncertainty risk by the business owner. I started with distribution business (Best Living Health n Beauty), because I believe that many people want to do business but eventually unable to do so due to the risk to be faced and no capital to commit huge volume of stocks.

By joining WebbLink Affiliate Program, you shall be entitle for Webbpages Personal Ecommerce Affiliate Entrepreneur Website at RM200for 1st year, so that you can jumpstart your online business and start building your online asset.

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