Wow! It’s only RM200 to own a website.

Can you believe it? It’s real!

And it can potentially generate more than RM10K Online Income!

Wow! It’s only RM200 to own a website.

Can you believe it? It’s real!

And it can potentially generate more than
RM10K Online Income!

How to earn a true five figure income
with RM200 website?

Six most effective and simplest ways that you can use RM200 website to earn more than RM10k online income.

  • Print 1,000 pcs of RM200 business cards and start promoting and sell RM200 website.
    Closing ratio of 30% for 1,000 prospect as doing a website will cost at least above RM1,000. For RM200 it's value is unbeatable!
  • Start sharing Webbpages Internet Marketing Services in social media.
  • Start sharing WebbLink merchant product in social media.
  • Upload your own products and services to sell on-line and participate with WebbLink merchant program.
  • Getting affiliate product to sell such as Lazada, Amazon, eBay and many others worldwide.
  • Be creative on your own idea and turn your website to become an on-line platform for your products and services.
    (Webbpages business consultant shall provide the knowledge based for any business tools integration)

In this internet era, I dare say:


Not any website, but a website that generate income for you, whether passive, or active. With this RM200 website offer, you can potentially earn a true five figure income!

Anyone who register for the RM200 Ecommerce Affiliate Website to will be entitled to join the WebbLink Affiliate Program, which will opens up your door to affiliate networking and let you enjoy sales commission for thousands of different products.

With this professional and powerful Internet marketing programme, there is nothing to stop you from earning 5 figure per month! .

What do you get with RM200 Website?

  • Ecommerce Marketing Website


    2nd Year Onwards RM1,389/year

    Business Focus Platform:
    WordPress CMS Platform

    HTML5 Responsive Template
    140+ Business Focus Tools Ready
    Google Analytics Tracking Integrated

    Worldwide Shipping Rate:
    Shipping cost is calculated according to weight and delivery location for domestic and international shipping.

    Pos Malaysia Domestic & International Shipping Rate Ready

    Online Payment Gateway:
    Paypal Payment Gateway Ready

    All transaction will be transfer to your selected bank account in Malaysia
    Paypal, Molpay & iPay88 Ready

    Multilingual Support:
    Build multilingual sites

    Build multilingual sites such as Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin or any other languages.
    Visitors will enjoy a fully localized purchase process, starting with the product listing, through the cart and checkout and even localized confirmation emails

    Online Order Management:
    Online Business Tools

    Online order and store management system
    Inventory control
    PDF invoice and packing slip with auto-responder

    Unlimited Pages/Products:
    Yes. Webbpages will setup initial 20 products or services.
    Domain Name:
    Free Domain of choice (.com, .net, .my, for 1st year
    Newsletter and Autoresponder:
    Setup and linked with all enquiry forms
    WebbLink Merchant Program:
    Complimentary 2 years
    Subsequent renewal RM1,189/year

    WebbLink Merchant Program subscriptions Worth RM2,876.00 inclusive of RM500 setup fees

    Online Marketing Strategies Consultation, Business Tools Updates and Support:
    Complimentary first year
    Subsequent Renewal RM500/year

    Monitoring of website performance to ensure leads/sales generation
    Google Analytics Measuring and Tracking Success of your Business website
    Online Business Tools Updates & Tutorials

    Online e-Courses and In-House Training

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Google AdWords (Search Engine Marketing – SEM)
    Facebook Marketing

    Webbpages Hosting Maintenance & Security Update:
    Complimentary first year
    Subsequent Renewal RM889/year

    Hosting Services c/w Auto Backup
    Disk Size 2GB, Monthly Bandwidth 5GB
    Website Security Patches & CMS Update

    Online Technical Support and In-House Training:
    Yes. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

    Comes with Hosting Maintenance & Security Update Subscription

    The above website package must be host at Webbpages server when subscribed to WebbLink merchant program.
    If customer choose to host the website in their own server, a RM1,500 setup fees shall be charge.


What do you get with RM200 Website?

Terms & Conditions

Hosting Usage Exceeded

Yearly renewal plan will be automatically upgraded to Webbpages Standard Hosting Services at RM489.00/year (Disk Size 500MB, Monthly Bandwidth 2GB c/w Auto Backup) if the website usage exceeded the standard Affiliate Hosting Plan of Disk Size 200MB or Monthly Bandwidth above 1GB/500 visitors.

Upgrade To Ecommerce Marketing Website

Lower entry cost when you decide to create your own branding one day. WebbLink affiliate may choose to upgrade to Ecommerce Marketing Website and what they need to do is to inform WebbLink and subscribe to yearly renewal plan of RM1,389. All Webbpages advertisement shall be taken out and the website is fully manage by the business owner.

Feeling interested to have a website that generate more than 10k revenue?

Get your RM200 website now! You can definitely jumpstart your online business now with our powerful yet affordable platform.



Michael Tham

Feel free to call if you need any further information about RM200 Ecommerce Affiliate Website and WebbLink Affiliate Program.

Michael Tham
+6016 301 3933
Selangor, Malaysia

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