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WebbLink Merchant Program is an essential affiliate marketing program/platform every business. In this Affiliate Program, Webblink acts as an intermediary between merchant, which is you, and the affiliates.

Affiliates will bring customers or referrals to merchants website from social media such as Facebook, Google+, WeChat or traditional word-of-mouth.

Meanwhile, Merchants in turn will reward affiliates for each visitor or customer they brought in with lucrative commissions and bonuses.

In this affiliate marketing, merchants will only approved and pay commissions upon payment when there is an actual sale generated or when services is provided. No marketing cost involved if there is no sales. How good is that!

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What is WebbLink?

  • Online and offline affiliate marketing network.
  • Robust commission tracking system.
  • Advance online affiliate promotion platform.

Benefit of WebbLink vs Traditional Marketing

  • Your own commission structure
  • Your own marketing budget
  • Measurable sales results
  • Minimum affiliate & payment management

How WebbLink can help to grow your business?

  • Large number of Affiliates
  • Affiliate Offline word of mouth promotion
  • Affiliate Online Facebook Share
  • Affiliate Website banner link
  • Affiliate Email marketing

How much do you need to pay?

  • Pay only when you approve the commission
  • Monthly Commission clearance
  • Setup Fee – RM500 one time

Yearly Maintenance – RM1,188 per year

  • Software setup & maintenance
  • Affiliate training & management
  • Commission calculation & payment

Grow Your Business With Our Affiliate Team!

Become a WebbLink Merchant Now! You can definitely jumpstart your online business now with our powerful yet affordable platform.

Every business owner will love this merchant program as at WebbLink, business owner only pay the marketing cost when they is an actual sales generated.


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